Thursday, January 16, 2014

Rooting.. Its Advantages and Disadvantages

Rooting.. It's Description, Advantages & Disadvantages

Rooting android device has became very popular nowadays. There are many different ways to root any device which differ from device to device. And many apps like Framaroot, Motochopper etc. are available In which they offer one click root. So come on guys tighten your belts to know about rooting in details.

Rooting means nothing more than getting root access of your device. You can root your device by running an exploit using the rooting apps or other methods (Surf the net for the methods of rooting your device). After getting the root access you can modify the system of your device. You can delete system apps or bloat wares which u don't require
Super su app is installed after rooting your device. This app controls all other apps which require root access. You can grant permission to an app from Super su app to access root of the system of your device.
So enjoy being super user of your device after rooting.. ;-)


There are several advantages of Rooting despite some disadvantages
1- You become the super user of your device by accessing the root of your system.
2- You can delete the unwanted bloatwares paired with your device.
3- You can flash clockwork mod (cwm) or other such recoveries.
4- The most interesting thing is that you can flash custom roms.
5- And many more... Find yourself :-P

1- You will void warranty of your phone.
2- Less knowledge is dangerous.. You can accidentally delete any file from your system.
3- You may brick you device If you di anything wrong.. Like some people flash other device roms and brick their device..

So do it on your own Risk...

1- Don't be panic search the net before doing anything with system after rooting, you will never face any problem..
2- Many device especially the devices which are equipped with mediatek chipset don't brick. You can flash your stock rom or other using sp flash tools in case you brick your phone..

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